Why I Hate Science Fairs

I recently finished my science fair experiment that I had to do for chemistry. I've been doing science fairs for as long as I can remember, and I always hated them. They were so much work and so stressful. Doing my experiment was pretty good, I mean, I had 2 months to get this thing done! But, as always, it was super stressful, and full of a lot of work.

I wanted to know which doTERRA essential oil worked the best for fighting E Coli bacteria. My mom uses that essential oils, and they stink up our house, so I thought I would test and see which one would actually work the best. (And if you're interested, On Guard worked the best)

5 Reasons Why I Hate Science fairs

1. First of all, you have to want to know something. If you have no interests, this can be a hard step. And sometimes, you have too many interests and can't narrow them down! It's a rough step, mind you. It takes time, thought, and effort, and this is only the first of many tedious tasks you have to complete.

2. Once you figure out what you want to do, you have to find a way to approach it. So, say you wanna work on your golf swing. Which element would you wanna target? How far apart your feet are? How high you bring the club? At what angle you bring the club to? What shoes you're wearing? If you're in a skirt or shorts? Okay, I'll stop. But you get the point. There are a million variables you need to account for and it is just plain ridiculous.

3. The experiment itself takes forever. You spend all kinds of time meticulously planning, and then you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time actually doing the experiment. Weekend plans? Sorry, too bad.

4. After your experiment is actually completed, you have to make an endless amount of graphs, charts, and papers explaining what you found out. And trying to figure out how to make charts and graphs is pretty dang hard in Microsoft Word.

5. The board. Lemme just say that planning, cutting, and pasting took more than 2 hours. There has to be enough room for everything. There has to be color. It can't be boring. It can't be too busy. It needs to look professional. aka, stressful.

And if you can't take any more of this rant about why I hate science fairs, here is why I love em'


  1. Story of my life. I just did my first science fair project and it's super stressful! I can't believe I have to do 4 more of them throughout my high school experience. Oh my. Haha.


  2. cute pic! now a follower :)


  3. We live on On Guard at my house. My mother loves it more than anything, except me I suppose. :) haha

  4. what a great blog you have!! new follower. :)
    i'm thankful i'm not in school anymore or have to do science fairs!! :) though technically ... it seems i'm still doing projects, my girls' school projects that is. haha


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