The {Not-So-Typical} Valentine's Post

Today I'm linking up with Shelby for the single ladies link up!
It's Valentine's Day, and I don't have a man, husband, boyfriend, whatever you wish to call it.
I'm only 15, people! I haven't even gone on a date yet. I'm waiting for my birthday, and then the dating can begin. But not until then.

Anyway, for this linkup, I'm going to share the top 10 five things that I love about myself. Now, usually I don't go around bragging about my awesome qualities, but today is different.
This Valentine's Day is going to be about loving me! So here goes nothin'!

10 Five Things I Love About ME

1. I love that I can surprise people with little things. Whether it's a bag of chocolate and notes, or just a smile and wave, it really can help someone out. I absolutely love baking cookies and randomly giving it to a friend. I love being able to heart attack people's lockers with quotes and scriptures and kind words for them. It is exhilarating and fun. I love that I can do that!

2. I love that I'm outgoing. Since I started high school with different people than I went to junior high with, it was really great that I was outgoing. Making friends isn't that hard for me, which is pretty nice. And I don't mean to say that to toot my own horn, but I love the fact that most people can feel comfortable around me.

3. I love my hair. Yes, my brown, boring hair. I love that it is long and I can do nothing with it and have it look okay. And if I curl it, people notice and like it. I love the fact that I can try new things with it.

4. I love that I go for things. I try new ideas, clubs, and activities. Actually, this past week I signed up for a new club! And starting this blog was new, along with my new addiction to photography and making recipes. Who knows what lays ahead in my future? But I know that I'm going to go for it, whatever it is.

5. I love the fact that I'm happy. I love smiling and making people laugh. I try to make people cheerful and happy. I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite.

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  1. Love this! You go girl :) and I love your hair too!

  2. Love this this! Happy Valentines Day!


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