Monday was one of the best days ever.

Let me begin with right after school.

I loaded a bus with 20 other people to go to our boys basketball game. We all brought our instruments cause we are cool and get into the games for free if we do that. We drove all the way up to Ogden (an hour from the school) whilst we were talking and chatting and having a jolly good time.

We got to Weber state (or where ever it was) and got our instruments out. We went in the stands and saw that we had, like, no student section. At all. Our basketball team was pretty pitiful in this state, with no one to cheer for them, so we decided we would. We saved them with our cheering. It was the most peppy I've ever been for a game. And we are the reason that we won that night.

We were leading cheers like crazy, and finally in the fourth quarter we got in the lead. It was superb. We won the game! We quickly packed up our trumpets and a couple people and I went to the bathroom. We were speedy fast, and we ran outside (or semi-ran in my case...) and thought that the bus left us. Talk about scary!

But alas, we found the bus and ran on. Then, our vice principal got us pizza. Oh, and it's tradition that the trumpets sit in the back. So they were handing pizzas through the windows to us. I think we had a box of pizza for each seat. And for 11 people sitting in the back, we finished off 5 pizzas.

And then, it got really interesting. We were rocking to Earth Wind and Fire on the bus, content and full of pizza, and we see this strange truck with its front two tires popped and 30 cop cars following it. Everyone was standing up and shouting "Instagram! Instagram!" and taking pictures. After we saw them, we turned on the radio and heard, "There is a high speed chase that started in Lehi (we were in Farmington, 45 minutes away) with a truck on two wheels." And we all cheered cause we saw it.

And then, we listened to We are the Champions, and arrived at the high school.

My favorite day.


My lovely friend asked me to take her sweethearts dance pictures! I was thrilled that she wanted me to do it :) The evening included getting stuck in the snow while trying to go up a hill, and trying for 15-20 minutes to get out. Thankfully we were able to get some traction and get to the place where we were taking pictures, but it was quite eventful. 
I had so much fun taking the photos, even though they were rushed. You see, with the whole getting stuck in the snow situation, they were going to be late to their dinner reservation, so we had to make it fast. It was fun nontheless!

{Portraits} The Craziest Photoshoot I've Ever Had

I had the opportunity to take these photos of these wonderful girls on Friday. They are pretty much the most hilarious, random, and crazy people you will ever meet. They are always hyper (probably because they drink loads of mountain dew) and crack the funniest jokes. I was laughing the whole time I was taking photos!

A Package!

 I came home to a package on the table from my brother! He is serving an LDS mission in California, and he comes home on May 8th. I'm getting more and more excited with each letter he sends! So when we got a package from him, I was so excited.
We opened it, and found a bunch of his old belongings. Old planners, hymn books, and a bajillion ties. I mean, honestly, I've never seen so many ties in my life in one box.
And there was nothing for me. Which pretty much bummed me out.


No, I didn't go.
But I took pictures of people who did go.
They are a fun, upbeat, hilarious group of people that I love and adore. The one hour that I was with them was the most that I laughed the whole week.
It was fun, relaxed, and funny.
The dance was a beach theme, so they all wore leis and beach shirts.
Oh I love these people so much!

{Portraits} Curly Hair, Don't Care Photoshoot

On Saturday I texted my friends and wanted yo haw a photoshoot. They all came over first so we could do hair, and so two of the girls got tier hair curled! There's just something about curly hair that makes me feel pretty. I think because it's not the normal thing it just seems special! So after we got all dolled up, we went downtown and took photos.
My camera has been in the shop for over a week and a half and I have to use my parents for te time being. I love their camera. It's the one that I learned all the manual actions on, and I've really grown accustom to it. So to be able to use it again is really nice!
We had a good time taking photos even though it was colder than we thought it would be. :)

{Senior Photos} Makayla!

A while back my friend was talking to me and brought up the fact that she wanted her senior pictures taken by me. I was flattered! No one had vet asked me to take their pictures before, so I was really excited. After she asked me though, I had my surgery. I wasn't able to walk at all, and my scooter wouldn't let me have the range of motion that I needed to take them. So finally, I got to take het photos on Monday.
It was a blast. We drive around and laughed even though it was freezing outside. She is going to be such a great college student. :)

The {Not-So-Typical} Valentine's Post

Today I'm linking up with Shelby for the single ladies link up!
It's Valentine's Day, and I don't have a man, husband, boyfriend, whatever you wish to call it.
I'm only 15, people! I haven't even gone on a date yet. I'm waiting for my birthday, and then the dating can begin. But not until then.

Anyway, for this linkup, I'm going to share the top 10 five things that I love about myself. Now, usually I don't go around bragging about my awesome qualities, but today is different.
This Valentine's Day is going to be about loving me! So here goes nothin'!

10 Five Things I Love About ME

1. I love that I can surprise people with little things. Whether it's a bag of chocolate and notes, or just a smile and wave, it really can help someone out. I absolutely love baking cookies and randomly giving it to a friend. I love being able to heart attack people's lockers with quotes and scriptures and kind words for them. It is exhilarating and fun. I love that I can do that!

2. I love that I'm outgoing. Since I started high school with different people than I went to junior high with, it was really great that I was outgoing. Making friends isn't that hard for me, which is pretty nice. And I don't mean to say that to toot my own horn, but I love the fact that most people can feel comfortable around me.

3. I love my hair. Yes, my brown, boring hair. I love that it is long and I can do nothing with it and have it look okay. And if I curl it, people notice and like it. I love the fact that I can try new things with it.

4. I love that I go for things. I try new ideas, clubs, and activities. Actually, this past week I signed up for a new club! And starting this blog was new, along with my new addiction to photography and making recipes. Who knows what lays ahead in my future? But I know that I'm going to go for it, whatever it is.

5. I love the fact that I'm happy. I love smiling and making people laugh. I try to make people cheerful and happy. I love smiling. Smiling's my favorite.

Chasing Birdies


Guess who's the English student of the Month??

This girl!!

It's an honor, really. I get a complimentary cupcake, a keys to success card (something that enters me to win a car), and an AF pin. I'm almost too scared to eat my cupcake. I want to frame it instead, to mark my student of the month triumph.

I really have no clue why I get this special treatment. I mean, I don't do anything special in English. It's just like the other classes, where I don't talk very much, pay attention, and do what I'm supposed to. Is school really getting to the point where the people who are doing what they're supposed to are the special ones?


I'll just eat my cupcake in peace.

Girls Afternoon In

Saturdays usually consist of sleeping late, doing nothing all day, and then staying up late.
This Saturday wasn't going to be much different. I was bored, sitting in front of the TV, pulling down the zig-zag bar to refresh my twitter feed.
But then, I texted my friend. I think the message was "We should do something fun."
Original, I know. But what else should I've said?

I say it wasn't a typical Saturday afternoon. It was fun. We talked about everything. We made ourselves pretty. We sang along to the radio. We talked more.

We ended up having makeovers. We did makeup, hair, and eyebrows. I've never had my eyebrows plucked before (Eek!) and they were pretty out of control.. So my friend had the opportunity to play Miss Salon, and do them for me. I think they turned out pretty good for the first time!

I end up curling their hair, and we all had curls in our hairs. We were going to have a photoshoot, but it was getting late and it was snowing. Utah weather does that to you.