here is a load of info about me.

Who am I?
Well, here you go.

I want to be a professional photographer // I'm secretly an 80's girl at heart // I have extra bones in my feet -- that's why I had surgery // DI may happen to be my favorite place to shop // Hitch is my favorite movie // I'm always looking for sales // I find chick flicks to be my favorite genre // I make my friends have photo shoots with me // Country music is my jam // Windows down is better than AC any day // I have a tweeting addiction // My brother is in a 'band' that is pretty much fake // I got a new camera and photoshop elemtents for Christmas // I'm 15 years old // I'm a sophmore // I am in the American Fork marching band // Pinterest is my go-to sight for photography inspiration // My brother comes home from his LDS mission May 8th // I enjoy making new friends and talking to people // My hair is naturally straight // I don't understand how people can look great every day // I try to find the good in the situation // I hate wearing shoes // I love having the sun set late // Pink is my favorite color // I really look up to other bloggers // My dream is to have people want me to take their photos //

And today is Flamingo Pants Friday. Wear your pink pants! :)

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  1. Great post Kiana!! I loved learning a bit more about you! :) You are such an awesome girl!


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