The Life of a Cripple

Since my surgery on Wednesday, I have received lots of support from all y'all out in the blogging world! Comments, tweets, and messages have been sent and they've been greatly appreciated on myu end :)

These past few days have been spent on the couch with my let propped up on the mountain of pillows lining the cushions. Ice has been on my leg constantly, and so has the iPad.

Honestly, I've been so bored. The highlight of my day yesterday was getting to go sit outside for a few minutes. I'm in a prison where I can only use crutches and wheelchairs and can't do anything without assistance. I have to have help going upstairs. I have to have help going downstairs. I have to have help to go outside. I need people to get my ice and drugs for me. It's so frustrating not being able to do things for myself.

I wanted to take a shower today, but we weren't up for the challenge. Instead, my dad created a salon-like experience with the kitchen sink. I wheeled my wheelchair up to the sink and laid my head back as he shampooed and conditioned my hair. It felt so good to have clean hair!

And, today my wonderful friend came over! We were only allowed to stay in the front room because my whole family has the flu, but it was great. We ate soup and drank chocolate milk while looking at hairstyles on Pinterest. I curled and waterfall-braided her hair and she french braided mine. We listened to music and took pictures of each other.

We had a jolly good time playing around. It was sad to see her go, cause that meant back to the couch for me.

And that's how I will be for four months.



  1. What kind of surgery did you have on your leg? P.S. I know how you feel with the whole surgery stuff... good luck, it sucks not being able to do things for yourself. P.P.S. A tip to solve your shower issue- if you have a shower/bath get a hand-held shower head and use a metal chair in the tub. It makes life so much easier. Good luck!

    1. It was actually a foot surgery where they cut open my calf as well... Oh and thank you so much! We have a shower chair and a hand held shower head too! That makes me less nervous :)

  2. Aw you poor thing! Hope you feel better! If I wasn't 9,000 miles away, I'd come over and give you cookies. ;)

  3. Oh don't worry lovely :) You'll be alright , and what a great hair style you did . Love these curls :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. I'm glad your surgery went well :)


  5. im the master of being crippled, no major surgeries but lots of fractures and sprains , life a gymnast and a cheerleader :P

  6. Hey Kiana!! I got your email and happy you liked your package! It took longer to get to you than what the postmaster said! :( I'm sorry about that!! I hope your recovery goes well and you get plenty of rest and relaxation during your down time! That was super sweet of your daddy to wash your hair!! And you've got some talent in the hair department! Is there anything you can't do! You're a very talented girl! :)


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