I heard the bells on Christmas day.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to be in a video playing my trumpet. I had no idea what we were we were going to do or anything. My friend and I were instructed to look like we were window shopping on a sunny winter day.

We drove up to a house in Salt Lake in our winter-esk clothing and they ushered us inside. There was a huge head that looked like santa on the floor with what looked like a 15 foot tail behind him. We set up in the sun room with other trumpet and horn players and were handed music. It was 8 measures long and we were instructed to memorized it. The music arranger came and we worked out the small details of when we were entering and what we were going to do for the video.

You know how there are bell ringers on the outside of stores? Well the gist of the video is that we all appear out of the blue and join him in playing some music outside the store. First, there was a man playing a drum that ran up and asked him if he could play with him. Three more drummers joined him, with one trumpet and one horn. My friend and I and another person were waiting in the store concealing our instruments in the store's bags. We walked outside as well and started playing I heard the Bells on Christmas Day. There was a santa dragon that flew in front of us and a bear that handed out oranges. At the end, and wonderful opera singer sang the last words, and Tiny Tim came out and said something.

It was one of the most organized un-organized thing that I've ever been a part of. There were lots of last minute adjustments that were made. There were lots of cameras that were on the other side of the street filming us.

At the last one that we did it at, the manager came out and told us to stop, but we kept going.

It was exhilarating. It was fun. And it was better than anything else I could have been doing yesterday.


  1. All these pics from Utah are making me cold!!! It's in the 50s in NC and I'm freezing :-)

    Glad you had fun this weekend!

  2. haha this is awesome! SOunds like you had a blast

    The House of Shoes

  3. hahahahaha this sounds sooooo funny and interesting!!!!! Please post a link to the video once it is up!


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