“Had I but a penny in the world, thou shouldst have it for gingerbread.”  - William Shakespeare

We got made the frosting, and got ready to open the boxes. We turned the Go-Pro on and began. We tore open the boxes and carefully wrapped packaging and started to put our little home together. Each was different. I decided to coat my roof with freshly fallen snow, and have icicles hanging off the gutters.The top seam was lined with colorful tic-tac shaped candies, as was the walkway. The door and window were plain. I added some abstract grass with gumdrops on the cardboard plate as the final touch. We stopped the go pro.

It was so much fun to make gingerbread houses for family night. We got to be as creative as we wanted, and listened to Christmas music the whole time. And my brother who is on a mission was there too, in cardboard form. We can't wait til he gets home in May!


  1. Please! Stop making me hungry! I'm dying to taste it. :o

  2. YUM!! Gingerbread houses! They look and for sure taste GREAT!

    new follower here!


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