girl you cray.

We got together to talk and to laugh. We cut out hearts while literally rolling on the floor, clutching our stomachs, laughing like we were going to die. We got dressed in our black clothes. We were pretty much heart attacking ninjas. Leather jackets and hoods, people. That's what the best heart attackers wear.

The hearts were stuffed in a box and I grabbed the tape while running out the door. We got outside and it was freezing. We were so cold! We started taping them up while whispering. We would start laughing and realize that it was too loud and end up looking like seals clapping our hands together. Oh well, it was fun.

We taped them all up (it took us like 15 minutes cause it was so cold!) and snapped a few photos. I was then destined as the ding-dong-ditcher. I promptly knocked on the door and booked it back to my house behind bushes. We heard the door creak open, and we huddled behind the leaves. It closed and we booked it over to the garage and were in the act of opening it when the people opened their door again! They obviously saw us, considering we live across the street. We were just the 3 girls in all black frantically trying to get the garage door to come open. We ran around the house by the front door and hid in the corner. The coast was finally clear.

When we came out of hiding, it was snowing. Tis the season, my friends.

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