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My ward (church group) had the opportunity to help at the bishop's storehouse. The storehouse is a place where people who don't have enough food in our society can come and have something to eat. There were jobs like bagging tomatoes, oranges, and onions. My friend and I were assigned the onion-bagger duty. We took this seriously. There were more than six bags filled with onions waiting to be bagged.
At first, we had to weigh each bag that we filled, but pretty soon we got the hang of it. There were five perfect onions that we saved to put in the same bag so they would all look nice together. The person who gets that bag is suuuper lucky!
After finishing up our bagging duty, we headed over to where everyone else was bagging toilet paper. We assigned ourselves the honor of opening the boxes and flipping them over onto the table so everyone could bag them. I think that we were even better at that than bagging onions.

Lesson learned? Service is a blast. Especially when you're with your friends. :)

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