As lengends say..

...There was once a day where the numbers all aligned. As the little children looked through old photographs they urged their grandmother to share the tale of the fateful day of December 12th, 2012. The elderly woman sighed and reminisced about that day. 

She took a deep breath and began the tale.

It was a chilly December morning. I had been studying for a Chemistry test until 11:30 the night before. I heard my iPod ring indicating that I was to get up. I was nestled in my blankets and thought that I could have manage couple more minutes of shut-eye. I had forgotten that I also set my phone to ring to wake me up. Scary monsters and nice sprites by Skrillex started pulsing throughout my room. My heart stopped beating and I jumped out of bed to turn it off. It had done its job. I was out of bed.

The day was normal. We were getting ready for our concert that was that night, and the early morning jazz band was on the stage practicing. We weren't even going to be performing in the concert, but we still practiced in the auditorium. The lights kept flickering as the band director tried to find the best lighting. The sax's hadn't practiced, and as they were running through their parts I studied my chemistry flash cards. I was sure I was going to fail the test.

Precalc came around and I took a quiz, looking at the clock that seemed broken. The ticks and the tocks were getting further apart from the previous, and I was falling asleep. Maybe I shouldn't have stayed so late to study. The bell rang and I hurried to percussion, in which we were practicing for the concert. The class seemed endless, and my stomach growled in anticipation for lunch.

AP environmental science came next. I found out that all the water drained out of the ecosystem, and found that the fish were dead. I was devastated. We took notes, and we gazed at our ecocolumn thinking what we had done wrong. We saw a tail whip around and I thought, "No. Our fish cannot be alive. There's no water in there!" But alas, there were two out of the three fish still alive. Life seemed to turn onto fast forward, and we dashed around looking for something else to put our poor fish in. We saved them, though. Thank goodness.

And then lunch. I had forgotten about 12:12 entirely. To be honest, I was just trying to survive through the day. I couldn't believe that it was only Wednesday. As I was thinking about homework I had, my friend ran up to me saying that it was 12:10! I thought, Why did she want to tell me that? But then it dawned on me, 12:12! On 12/12/12!!

I stared at my phone until it turned to 12:12. I screamed. I shouted. I took a picture. I ate a cookie. I danced. I screamed some more. And then the minute was over.

That was the best minute of my whole entire life. 

Or, the most memorable at least.

As the grandkids snored softly, she realized that they had fallen asleep. She had forgotten about that day until then. Bless their hearts, she thought, I would have never remembered this without them! She smiled gently and closed her eyes, remembering the cookies.

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  1. LOL...I think I may have been eating lunch as well or prepping for a meeting, story of my life.

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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