an expidition in which i dirtied my vans.

The lake wasn't too far away; there was just a forest full of brush taller than myself blocking my way. I searched for a path to get me closer to the water so I could take some photos. The tall grass was thicker than I could muster enough courage to go through. After wandering around the border of this extremely tall plant, I found a parting, leading into a dark trail. I started down the path, knowing that I could always just backtrack and find myself out of the grass again. I began to walk slowly, being careful to not trip on leaves or sticks strewn across the ground. I found a tree with trash littered around it, and a tire swing hanging off of it. I looked at it, snapped a few photos, and kept going. The trail kept getting smaller and smaller, and I wasn't even sure which way I was headed anymore. I finally got my wits about me and turned around, heading back to the entrance.

I continued to wander along the outside of the forest. I came across other paths, but they looked like they were too dark and too small to try to weasel myself into. I finally came across a path that was wide and obviously well traveled. The grass was open above me so I could still see the sky and know that I was staying on track. It seemed like I walked on forever; the path was gradually getting smaller as I went on. There was mud creeping up my shoes, and I knew I shouldn't have worn them. But I journeyed on, thinking that if they were dirty, they were dirty. I might as well reach the place that made my shoes muddy.

All of a sudden, the path opened up and there was a clearing filled with the broken stems of grass. My shoes crunched as I made my way to the waters edge. My feet began to sink and I realized that I couldn't go any further, or else my shoes would continue to be destroyed. The water was lapping gently onto the grass, and my shoes continued to make the crunching noise. I got my camera out and started snapping pictures of everything: the grass, the stalks, the broken stems, my shoes...

I heard my mom calling and started my trek back to open grass. I followed the path and saw the sun poking above the mountainside. The golden hour was nigh, and I saw the trees silhouetted against the fading sun. I snapped a few more pictures, and then hopped in the car.

I looked at my shoes, and they were caked with dirt. It's okay, it was worth it. I felt like an adventurer.


  1. I must say those pictures are pretty nice!!!! How wonderful it is to have such beautiful scenery in your backyard!

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  2. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Great job girl!


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