parties, parties, parties

I like Fridays. I like parties. And I like my family. This, right here, is my second family.
We had spent seven months together sweating, running, and pretty much dying together. And it turns out the more that you endure pain together, the closer you get. So we are dang close.

That bucket up there? It's called the trumpet pot. And no, it does not hold drugs. Before we went to competitions, we filled the pot with candy and ate it on the bus ride home. When we went to St. George it was overflowing. We had oodles left, so we had a party to eat the rest of it. And we didn't even finish.

We got seven pizzas and demolished them all. I mean, when you have a section with the majority of boys, you know that whatever food you have will be gone. And it was gone fast. Maybe even in less than 15 minutes. 

We had to chose which movies to watch, and it was a long process. We never shut up. I mean honestly, we can talk all day if we had the chance. We had about 15 movies that people brought to watch and we had to vote on which movie would be our feature film for the night. We voted about 10 times. We had selections such as the Barbie movie, Yellow Submarine, and Flushed Away. But from those 15 movies, we chose Bourne Identity, although Barbie was pretty close.

We watched the movie, ate popcorn, and inhaled loads of candy. And still, the pot was full of candy.

Although marching band season is technically over, our love for each other will never end. And so we will keep spending time together until we get tired of each other. And I doubt that would ever happen.


  1. so glad you found my blog so i could find yours!
    i've never been in band but it's funny because me and my friend were just talking about the community built in band! i am a musician though who has played in bands, so i somewhat know what that's like!

    looking forward to future posts! :))

    your newest follower, morgan

  2. Fun pictures! thanks for following my blog! It'a always fun to meet people around my age! :)

  3. I just found your blog and its lovely!

  4. Finding a second family is a great idea. People that you connect with and have fun with are hard to find. Your luck to have that in your life.

    xo Amy
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