it may seem like it, but we aren't in 2nd grade.

My friend and I have the same shirt (almost). We have a long sleeve black cardigan. We have jeans. And we have long brown hair, with our hair swooped to the same side. Coincidence? I think not. Actually, I know not. We totally planned the whole thing.

All throughout first period we heard, "Whoa! You guys are matching!" or "You guys are totally matching!" and such. It was pretty hilarious. And then, we come to class and find that 3 other people were wearing cheetah print shirts too? Coincidence? Yes. Yes, it was. And it was so funny to see that we all wore cheetah print.

Good things about today?
+ I matched with my friend today. And 3 other people too!
+ I almost won BINGO 4 times.
+ I got muffins and milk instead of PE.
+ I saw my friend who I haven't seen in a while.
+ I took pictures by Utah Lake
+ I played frisbee with my neighbor.
+ I got a facial at a Doterra class.

Bad things?
- I got my Vans dirty on my expedition to Utah Lake (more on that later...)
- I can't think of anything else that was bad in my day :)'

What was good about your day?

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