I live to dance

...on elf yourself videos.

Oh these videos are hilarious! I love the fact that the faces are of your friends/family. It is the best!

it may seem like it, but we aren't in 2nd grade.

My friend and I have the same shirt (almost). We have a long sleeve black cardigan. We have jeans. And we have long brown hair, with our hair swooped to the same side. Coincidence? I think not. Actually, I know not. We totally planned the whole thing.

All throughout first period we heard, "Whoa! You guys are matching!" or "You guys are totally matching!" and such. It was pretty hilarious. And then, we come to class and find that 3 other people were wearing cheetah print shirts too? Coincidence? Yes. Yes, it was. And it was so funny to see that we all wore cheetah print.

Good things about today?
+ I matched with my friend today. And 3 other people too!
+ I almost won BINGO 4 times.
+ I got muffins and milk instead of PE.
+ I saw my friend who I haven't seen in a while.
+ I took pictures by Utah Lake
+ I played frisbee with my neighbor.
+ I got a facial at a Doterra class.

Bad things?
- I got my Vans dirty on my expedition to Utah Lake (more on that later...)
- I can't think of anything else that was bad in my day :)'

What was good about your day?

We have joined

We have just bought a camera remote. I am kind of obsessed with it. It is pretty much the best thing ever invented. I can take a million pictures of myself and not even have to do anything but push that little button. And it's perfect.

Not to mention, we have joined the league of the go pro.

Sunday Night Activities

I made so many cookies it's ridiculous. I woke up, baked cookies. Came home from church, baked cookies. After baking cookies, frosted cookies. After frosting cookies, decorated cookies. It felt endless but it was fun.

My grandma wanted me to make some cookies to send to relatives in Japan, and so I did. There ya go. And now I'm pooped.

when i was at maceys and got a little freaked out.

You see this girl? She looks exactly like my 'big sister' from North Carolina. But you see, she isn't. And I thought she was when I was shopping. We were just there looking at the red cream soda, and then I saw her. I looked over, and there she was with my 8th grade history teacher. And that was weird as well, because I haven't seen her since, well, 8th grade. And so there she was, standing there, shopping at Maceys.

I wanted to take a picture because I'm weird like that. And so I started talking to her mom, the teacher that I knew, and then it went into, "Oh, you look exactly like a girl from North Carolina..." And then I got a picture. It was pretty grand, I must say. And then they were looking at us weird til we left. But at least I won't ever see them again, so it's all good. :)

The Painters of Light

We were outside looking like lunatics, drawing pictures that no one could see. The shutter would click and we dashed to the screen to see our masterpiece. The light painted the canvas and it looked amazing. How you could capture such color at the right moment astounded us all, but we didn't care how it worked, we just did it.

It was dark outside and my friend and I had just finished the heart photoshoot. They were all up on facebook, showing the world our wild side. It was too dark to take more of those pictures, so we tried something new. It was slightly addicting, trying all different shapes and colors. We will definitely do it again.

i had a heart attack

Today started at 9:00 last night. My mom and I went to Shopko. We were in and outta there so fast. We came home and tried to sleep for an hour, but just lied in our beds thinking about shopping. And then we headed to Kohls. The line wrapped around the building and we were at the end of it. We went in there at midnight and came out at 1:30. We came and conquered.

I was going to go again at 6:00 this morning, but was pretty pooped, so I stayed in bed. I got up at nine and headed over to Joanns to look at fabric and remnants. We bought some PJ fabric, which is pretty awesome.

My friend (who also went black friday shoppin) decided that we were going to heart attack someone. We cut up about 100 hearts of various colors and sizes. We ended up taking tons of photos of us with the hearts. I love taking pictures so much.

We are probably still going to heart attack someone, so shhh!

{Portraits} I'm thankful...for a cousin who poses for me.

We had thanksgiving dinner at my cousin's house. It is one of the many mini reunions that we have with the Utah Bates family. We brought two turkeys, and the feast was prepared. The scent of turkey was spread throughout the house making everyone hungry for some thanksgiving dinner. We said a prayer and dug in. The food was delicious, and we had fun spending time together.

After we ate and lay around for a while, we went outside and I took pictures of my cousin. She is gorgeous! Props to her for actually smiling for some of them :)

and the sun takes a nap {a thankful post}

I walked outside and the sky looked like this ^. I took the camera and shot some pictures. It was 10x more beautiful than you could even imagine with just the photo. Oh, the miracle of the sun going down. Such a simple thing, but such a beautiful thing. I love it.

And, as it is Thanksgiving, here is my thankful post. Everyone seems to be doing it, so I've joined the bandwagon.

I'm thankful for friends who bring a feast to school for lunch and share with everyone. They are the best, and I look up to them.
I'm thankful for being able to go to the temple after school every week.
I'm thankful for friends who don't mind posing for me and being models as I try to figure out how to be a photographer.
I'm thankful for marching band, and the experiences that I have had being in an amazing band.
I'm thankful for girl's nights and just having fun with friends.
I'm thankful for beautiful skies, whether during the day or night.
I'm thankful for snow and looking at the stars.
I'm thankful for family and friends.
And most of all,
I'm thankful for Jesus Christ, and the gospel.

the break is on.

Yes! The last period of the day was over, the wait was done. I rushed out of the room, excited for what was ahead. The temple had been closed for the last two weeks, and today was the first day it was back open. I was pumped to go with my friends, but knew that time was ticking, and that we had to get there soon. I found the two people that were joining me to go to the temple, got in the car, and arrived at the temple. The beautiful building didn't have any more construction covering the white walls. It was pure and gorgeous.

We headed inside, and found our way down into the depths of the baptistry. It was eerily empty. Maybe because it was a Tuesday, or because people didn't know it was open, I don't know. We got in and did confirmations so fast, and were back waiting outside again. Just being there was awesome.

Later on, I went to hang out with my friends. We were going to take light pictures where you draw stuff with light, but we ended up taking pictures in her room. We all curled our hair so we were matching, and ran recklessly through the neighborhood. It was so much fun.

And now, it is the break. I'm free to eat as much turkey as I can, and have as much fun as possible.

and then it was the last

We left second period early and got into our uniforms. Our socks stunk up the bus from lack of washing. We took pictures, sang songs, and were just ourselves while we journeyed there. We helped with people's hair and got ready to perform. There was a feel of familiarity among us band of brothers. We joked, we laughed, we practiced, and then we waited. Our butts became numb as we sat listening to the speakers.

And then it was our cue. I tried soaking up the moment as we played the National Anthem, but I wasn't feeling it. We sat down again, listening to the talks between our next song. And then again we stood, and played the songs for the veterans. Tears slid down my cheeks unnoticed, like the flood gates just opened. Maybe it was in respect for our troops, or maybe it was because it was the last time in uniform with these people around me. I don't know.

We sat down again and I wiped the tears away. The rest of the meeting was a blur. The bus ride home was the usual rough housing and horsing around. We took our uniforms off and I was done. It was over forreals and I was okay. I ate a slice of pizza, and went back to class, no turning back.


We turned in our uniforms last week. Seeing them hang on the racks made the band room feel like home again. But today, the mom's started putting them away, carefully checking each part with exactness. Maybe that's why I'm thinking about it. Seeing the hat boxes stacked one on top of another, and the empty hangers pulls at my heart. And then they were all put away, the racks again empty in the band room, along with our hearts.

double rainbow all the way.

A cool and perhaps rare (maybe?) phenomena happened yesterday. It was before dinner, and my parents burst through the door exclaiming how there was a rainbow outside. I wasn't too sure why they were so excited, I mean, rainbows aren't that rare! But, it wasn't just any rainbow. It was a double rainbow. I have only seen 2 of these before in my life time. And that is pretty rare, I might say.

I rushed outside to take some photos but it was drizzling outside. My mom grabbed one of those big beach umbrellas and I started snapping some photos. It was one of the most vivid rainbows I have ever seen. And, the ends were going into my neighbor's houses. I was half tempted to run and see what was really at the end of the rainbow, but I restrained myself.

Finally, we had to go back inside to eat some dinner. But I got some pretty awesome photos before we had to go. And in the one with me under the umbrella, it would have said blink detected. Go figure.

Blink Detected

A strange thing happened to me during PE. I was taking the above picture with my friend, I heard it beep, and saw 'Blink Detected' on the screen. Obviously I did not blink, and she neither did she. But I guess my eyes are so Asian that they look like they blinked. How racist is that?

But then I look at the pictures below, and think, maybe they're right. Maybe my eyes just squint uncontrollably and it looks like I'm blinking. Who knows? Or maybe they just don't like Asian people.