Those awkward moments.

That awkward moment when you just played in the auditorium in your marching band uniform, and you go back into the band room to change and there's a whole bunch of old people playing instruments.
That awkward moment when you go outside and it's a freaking blizzard. And all you have on is flip flops, a tshirt, and shorts. And those flip flops happen to not be water proof. And cost you 30 bucks.

Anyway, so this morning before seminary it was snowing. I was cold, but thankfully I did not wear capris, which is what I was going to wear today. And today was super chill in all my classes, and so that helped. I just wanted to go outside and dance in the snow, and enjoy the moment. On my way to third period, there was snow covering the grass. As I walked to lunch, the sun was shining, and the beautiful snow was gone. I was devastated.

But tonight, it was perfect. Even though I had pretty much no clothes on, I was excited. I got home and got out the camera and started taking pictures. And I took all of three pictures, and it stopped. So I said, What the heck! This isn't supposed to happen! But then I looked at the beautiful sky, and the moon, and the mountains. And I realized, that this isn't too bad. Snow or no snow, Utah is beautiful.

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