The time I got cake shoved in my face.

It was a good day. A Friday, actually.
I had a good day at school. We had dressed up because we had a competition the next day, so we were in Sunday dress. After school, we drove on up to the temple to do some confirmations, and then parted ways before we had a photoshoot. We took pictures up in the mountains, and it was delightful. Everyone looked so pretty, and the pictures turned out pretty good. Tripods happen to be my best friend when trying to take group pictures.

Anyway, afterward we headed on over to Big Lots, because you go there when you're bored. We browsed every isle, I swear. We were there for an hour. Then we went inside Joanns, which is pretty much the best store ever. And we spent a long time there too, but we left eventually.
We drove to my house, and had some delicious hot cocoa.
Then we started making cookies for a kid whose birthday was the next day! We made them and they were delicious. And then I made the mistake of shoving a cupcake in her face, and a different girl shoved one in mine. A whole mess.

And that is all.


  1. Haha....loved the pictures, but you still look so beautiful even with the cake on your face!!! : ) wonderful post!!

  2. Ha! I've had that happen to me before, only it was a pie and it was at a restaurant for my birthday...


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