Halloween. And snow.

Last night was mutual, or youth night. It was unbelievably fun. I was excited to go, because it was a Harry Potter themed party! We made pumpkin pasteys, or bite size pumpkin pies and drank butter beer. It was chill, it was fun. And then we got plates together, and ding dong ditched people with cookies. I think service with friends is fun, especially when it involves treats, ding dong ditching, and hiding in various places.


I swear, every picture that we take is photobombed.
And this is us today at band. This morning it was snowing.
Oh! And today I got 100 on my Chemistry test. And I thought the math test I took wasn't so hard. So today was a dang good day. And I filled my friend's locker with chocolate. Which was pretty grand in itself.
Alright, back to band. It was so cold! I brought shorts and a shirt, but gloves, a hoodie, and sweatpants were in my locker to save the day. It was dang cold, and I would have died. For reals. It was so chilly that towards the end of the rehearsal it started snowing again! We ran through the show one last time, and everyone fled to get warm.
I was talking to my friend afterward, and she was saying how she was going to go to McD's to get some hot chocolate. That sounds so good right now!
It's not supposed to snow before Halloween.

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