The competition where everything we do is watched. Where every action is taken into consideration, where we are on enemy turf. 75% of the people in the stands are for the opposite band. Home court advantage, you may say. But we were trying to beat that. We wanted to blow them away.
We just stayed after school to take in a practice that was long overdue. We got a lot done, mostly because we realized how rusty we were from five days off. We ended up ending early. In the last run, there were leaves blowing off the trees that were off the field, and swirling around us. It was pretty spectacular, and I felt pretty dang cool.
It started pouring, and there we were, standing in the rain, waiting for some pizza. The pizza was quite delicious. Maybe it was already good, or maybe we were too wet and hungry to even taste anything. But, either way, we were fed.
We ate in the band hallway, and there was a draft going throughout the school. So we decided to take pictures, cause that's just how we do. And it was fun. And we felt like models. But of course we look fantastic in our band clothes. No doubt about it.
We had to get in our uniforms before getting on the bus, since we didn't want to get dressed in the pouring rain. It would not be fun. We loaded the buses, and the sky was getting dark. Everyone was already falling asleep before we got there. We came to the high school where we were performing and it was black outside. All you could see was the light illuminating the stadium. It was amazing, and everyone was excited.
We performed. We came, and we tried. Since we were on a break, everyone was saying how BYU was better. I remember that during the first movement, I was thinking, Wow, I only have 5 more times that I get to play this show. And no sooner, it was over. One less show to perform. And the fact that it wasn't my best show kills me. I want to do my best every time. But that just pushes me to do better next time.

 Standing in the rain for some food :)

 She is so enthusiastic.

 It was hot, and humid. But whatever. We were having fun.

 We were a wee bit wet.

 Sneakin around the school. Whaddup!

Her faces are supreme.  
 Trying to be models

The bus before we left. It was already dark, at 5:30.

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