{Baby} Baby Baby Baby

I've never taken baby pictures before.
And that's why they don't look professional at all.
But it's okay. Practice makes perfect. Or permanent. Either one.

Well, you see my old babysitter and her family came over. We ate chicken parm. And it was quite delicious. She had asked me to take her baby pictures, and I was excited. But, I have never taken pictures of babies, like I said. And it was 9:00pm, so all the natural light was gone, which was super inconvenient. So we went into the front room and got everything set up. Her baby is so cute and chubby. Maybe even the most adorable thing you'll ever see. I was trying to get pictures like on pinterest, but it's hard if you've never practiced before.
So here they are, the pictures.

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  1. These photos are very cute. Great job, Kiana!!!


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