15 Part 1

I am now 15 as of Monday. Woohoo! I honestly don't feel any different.
But that's okay, cause I can get my permit!
And I bought....balloons.
I woke up at 7 am. I took a quick shower, and got on the computer. My friend then gave me a brownie-cake, picked me up, and we went shopping! We went to a place called Trendy Xchange, where there was a buy one get one free sale going on. It was the best. I also got a 2 dollar discount since it was my birthday. Overall, I got 4 shirts for $20, so pretty much a steal.
We then went to Subway and got a sub. Which happened to be delicious. And my new favorite sandwich. We stopped at the dollar tree to see if they had any balloons, because I like balloons. But, no. Apparently there is a national helium shortage, so they didn't have any. Discouraged, we went to my house and ate our lunch. We walked down to Macey's to search for some balloons, in which they told us that there was no helium. Strike two. We headed on over to Walgreens, in which they also said that they didn't have any helium! Strike three. This was getting quite ridiculous.
So we walked back home, and just then my other friend drove up. Which is scary in and of itself, since I didn't realize that she could drive yet. We all went inside and were having the brownie-cake that she brought, and my Grandma and cousin walk in! It was just a party.
I had sent my Obaachan to grab some balloons from Orem, because I really wanted some. Really bad. To take pictures with, like in pinterest.
But I don't know where to find balloons that big. We were having trouble getting normal balloons. But, I finally got my balloons, and it was just me and her. We went outside and started experimenting with different techniques with the camera...and here are the pictures

All the ones of me she took, and the rest I took :)


  1. You certainly had a busy/fun/crazy day!

  2. Você fez 15 anos, que legal, essa é uma época muito boa na vida de uma menina.
    Tenha um fim de semana encantado.


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