This Week Part 1

This week may have been one of the best ones ever.
It was fantastic.
I don't know when it started being awesome, but as the week went on, it became more awesome.
Don't ask how that works, it just does.

In marching band for my section we have a marcher of the day. On Wednesday I wasn't really thinking about trying to be the marcher, but I was 'working hard and having fun'. Except that everyone was talking and no one was focused, but whatever.
It turned out that I got marcher of the day! I was so surprised, but it was great. One of the kids in our section brings treats for the person who was working the hardest, and I got a chocolate cake. Which was mighty fantastic to eat after practice (I shared with my family of course!)

Almost all the trumpet girls and me with my cake!

And so the next day at practice, we were working hard and having fun once more, and having a fun time. We kind of got busted a lot for talking a lot as a band, which stunk, mostly because that means we aren't getting better. During practice we had sectionals, where each instrument section has an hour to get together to work on whatever problems they have in the show or music. We had to sprint, and before we caught our breath, start playing part of the show and marching. It was awful. But it shows how tired we are by the end of the show, and how much more endurance we need.
On Thursday nights we do this thing called Eyes with Pride. We stand ready and we hear 'Band Attention', and we say 'HYPE' way super loud. I get chills forreals when we do that. And then the drum major proceeds to say more things, and we say things as a group, and at the end the drum major says 'Fall out' and everyone screams. It is my favorite part of Thursday rehearsals.
After practice, we saw two people who graduated last year who were in trumpet section come over and say hi, and say that they were watching us practice. And then, who the marcher of the day was was announced. And it was my friend! She was rocking it that practice. It was so good, and she got cookies :)

 Me, marcher of the day and her cookies, and a graduated trumpet girl!

Stay tuned for the next part of this super awesome week coming soon!

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