Self Portriats

So this past week was super busy. I mean, lots of band practices, not much sleep, busy. And I had tons and tons of homework! On Thursday, I had band from 5-9, and then Friday from 4-9, and then Saturday from 8-5. It was pretty dang long! And you know what stinks? That my contacts were in the mail that whole time, so I had to wear my glasses, and now I have raccoon eyes. I hope it covers up before long so I don't feel dumb wearing my contacts!
This Sunday we had lots of friends over. You see, our really good friends were visiting from North Carolina, and we have three families that live in Utah that were in the same ward in North Carolina as the people coming out, so we kind of had a party. It was so much fun!
Yesterday, we had band, and we learned how we entered and exited the field after our show. I can't believe our first performance is Friday at the homecoming game! I am nervous, and super excited. And after that, we have competitions one after another. I believe we have two next week, and two the week after that. I am so excited for performing, but not getting home at 12 on school nights. Not fun waking up after that!

So....... ON to the pictures

For my digital photography class I had to take pictures of myself. It was pretty fun!

Here they are:

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  1. Beautiful photos!!! Your hair looks super pretty!

    Kianna Rose


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