Down and Dirty

For AP environmental science we went on a field trip to Utah lake. Utah lake is mucky and icky and muddy and everything in-between. And needless to say, I wasn't too excited to go and spend the say taking samples there.

The water is wet, as you may know, and full of mud. Mud that is like quick sand, cause you get stuck so easily. Everyone wore waders so they would stay dry and semi warm. We started in a little pond that seemed innocent and shallow. Buy once you took the first step, you were suctioned to the mud. It would take about a minute per foot to get through it. The waders I was wearing had the boots connected with the waders, so my foot kept slipping out as I tried to get unstuck.

I caught many little fish, and we got to actually take samples like we were the real deal. We put all of the fish we caught into buckets and saw how big they were. It was so fun to just be able to catch fish and not worry about angrily except if you're going to be stuck in the mud forever.

We learned lots about what is indigenous to Utah lake and what isn't. I found out that Carp are pretty much hated. I then got to squeeze a carp and pop it's head off. It sounds gruesome, but I wanted to try. When else would I be able to do that?

At the last place we were tag samples, some idiots took their shirts off and dunked themselves in the really cold water. I was freezing, and I had clothes and waders on. I have to say they were pretty dumb, since they were cold the rest of the time we were talking and walking back to the truck and bus.

Overall, it was a super fun experience. I did not think that I would enjoy it, but it was fun to feel like a real scientist foe a day, and play in the mud.

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