Competition, Destination: Logan

This week was ridiculous.
It was hectic.
It was stressful.

We had band every day in one form or another. We started out with our usual practice on Mondays and Wednesday's and Thursday's, but then we had Weber Review, a competition type thing where we are not judged r ranked against other bands, but we get the judges feedback on how to make our show better. Our call time was 3:30, or an hour and 15 minutes after we got out of school. That means no time for homework! We hopped on that bus and drove to weber to get all ready to perform. The show was amazing for the first competition style performance. I didn't mess up at all!
Then, Friday we had pep band, where we play songs for the football game. It was against lone peak, and we lost. Pep band is one of my favorite things though! It is so much fun to just play without any pressure.
After the game, I helped my friend ask my brother to sadies. It was so weird asking with her, because we were sneaking around at my house. It was so much fun though.

On Saturday I slept in til 11:10 and our call time was at 12:30, so I had to make sure that I was all ready for our competition in Logan. We went an played our hearts out. I messed up once, but now I know what to work on. We had the opportunity to watch three other bands that we were competing against. I was kin of nervous about what our score was going to be, but we got first! Everyone was screaming and was so excited:) then we got pizza and hopped on the buses to get home at 11:00. Then we sang the friend song and went home. It was such a good week!

This will be my life for the next month. And then it will be over.
I've got to soak it all up while I can.

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