Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Five Things Tuesday
I love baking blogs. Like a whole whole bunch.
I mostly get my recipes off of Pinterest, but, you see, I do check my baking blogs quite often.
Here are 5 completely awesome baking blogs that I use recipes from!

1. My Happy Place

Sophie is pretty much the coolest person ever and my newest friend! She is completely awesome, and has such amazing photography. I am super jealous of her!

2. Brown Eyed Baker

Michelle has so many good recipes! I find myself stealing lots and lots of her recipes. They look and are so delicious!

3. Bake at 350

Bridget is one of the nicest people ever. I remember emailing her once upon a time to check out my blog and she was so sweet! I am super duper jealous of her cookie skills.

4. A Bountiful Kitchen

There are pretty much super awesome pictures and recipes! And she is like me, half Japanese!

5. All Things Delicious

Hi, I'm Hannah...

For one, she is totally beautiful. And she has amazing recipes. And photography. Just amazing in general!

Well there are some of my favorite baking bloggers!
Go check em out :)


  1. Thanks for the shootout Kiana! You're the sweetest.

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet words! You are so kind!! I'm so honored to have made your top 5 list. I sure can't wait to try out some of your recipes! Thanks again!!


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