Ten Things Tuesday

Pinterest. My guilty pleasure. I find myself with lots of extra time. And then I get on pinterest and it's all gone. I wonder how that happens! Anyway, I've been dying to try out some of these recipes, so that's what this Ten Things Tuesday is dedicated to. Maybe y'all will see some of these as recipes on here!

1. Homemade Snicker bars.
I tried to make homemade twix bars once upon a time, but it really didn't work. I don't know what I did wrong, but they were too hard and the caramel wasn't right, and it was just weird and maybe a little awkward. They took quite a while to make, and since they didn't work I was a little upset.
I'm kind of a little scared to even try to make these, because of that bad experience. Maybe I'll just keep looking at them on my pinterest board, wishing I could make them. Or perhaps I'll actually take a stab at them.


2. Homemade Krispy Kreme Donuts
Doughnuts have always been a little far out for me, because they seem so hard to make. I mean, the recipes that I've seen you've had to have a doughnut pan so that they get the right shapes. But on this recipe, you form the shapes yourself! I see a little ray of light, like I might be able to try this!

3. Homemade Almond Joys
MMMM. Look so good. And I love coconut. And almond joys in general. But you see, I don't want to mess it up like I did the Twix as stated before. But I think I'll take a stab at it when we buy coconut cause I would loooove to be able to make them (or eat them) whenever I want!

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4. Smores Bars
They look so easy! But if it looks easy, expect it to be hard. That's what I've learned after some recipe fails. Although it could take all the fun out of roasting the marshmallow yourself, it would be better for hot summer nights when you don't want to start a fire.

s'more bars recipe
s'more bars recipe

5. Key Lime Cupcakes
Looks simple! I think it would be fun to make, since my mom loooves key lime pie, and key lime yogurt. So I might try it sometime for my mom to try!

key lime cupcake

Now for things I couldn't possibly make. Even if I tried

6. M&M Cake
Why do I not want to make this, you ask. For one, I don't have the patience. That is a lot of freaking M&Ms. No thank you, I would rather do something like go shopping instead of placing all of those chocolate pieces. Color coordinated. Insanity. 

3 birthday cake  
7. Lego Man Cake Pops

No patience. Again. And I wouldn't really have the need for this, but I think it's pretty rad. Honestly, if I have a son, and he happens to like legos, then by all means, I might make this. But now, I have no reason. Except for fun.
8. Strawberry Nutella Poptarts

Whoa time consuming. Look how pro those look! And how hard they look to make. Yeah. Not trying it.

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9. Tangled Cupcakes

So dang cute! So much dang time.

10. Sheep Cupcakes

Now, I might try these, since they look pretty simple. But when will I use some sheep? Easter maybe, or Christmas for the nativity scene. But so adorable!

Well, I hope you liked all these recipes! So cute.

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  1. You had me at the snickers bars!...but I just had to keep scrolling down for more! Hope all is well with you. Love the new look of your blog:)
    Happy weekend!


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