Photo Fails

This week? Busy, but pretty fun, so far. I mean, I wish it was Friday, but it's not. And I can't do anything about that.
Monday was early out, where we get out an hour earlier than usual, but we still had band. And we took our pictures that you saw in our uniforms. So Monday was fun!
Tuesday, it felt kind of long, but it was alright. It was picture day, and my friends were in most of my classes, and my digital photography class was super fun, cause we edited our pictures that we took! I hope that class makes me a better photographer for my food...
On Tuesday we had mutual, which is like a get together for the youth, so we can have an activity. It was great to see all my church friends and talk to them, since I don't see them at school.
Yesterday was okay. Early morning jazz band started, and it was pretty fun. The rest of school was normal. But then we had band, and it was SO SO hot. Like realllyy hot. But thankfully, clouds were invented, and we were saved from frying to death. If anyone could die from sweating too much, I would be dead ten times over.

Anyway, onto the photo fails!

So I happen to really like taking pictures.
I take lots and lots. And lots and lots of pictures.
And have photoshoots with my friends all the time.
But what happens to those photos that don't necessarily work out?
Well we are going to take a little peek into some of those failed pictures.

If you haven't noticed, we take lots of jumping pictures...

I hope you liked these photos! Sometimes they are more fun to look at than the ones that actually work out...

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