This girl right here just got contacts!

And you're saying Whaaaaa?

Yep. No more glasses for me. Thank goodness. Good riddance. They were such a pain in the butt.

Here are 3 reasons why glasses suck:

1. You go see a 3D movie. Say, the new Spiderman. What do you do? You can either look normal by taking your glasses off and putting your 3D spectacles on, and not seeing anything clearly, or not wearing the 3D glasses at all, or putting the 3D glasses on overtop of your normal glasses. I always did numero 3. At least it's dark in the theater, so then people can't see how silly you look with 6 eyes.

2. Say you go to march in a parade. But you have to use your peripheral vision to see if you are in line with everyone else. And guess what? The sides of your glasses are right in your way, and so you find yourself too far forward, or too far behind the line and making it look all wonky.

3. I was a competitive swimmer when I was little, and I remember not being able to see when I was competing because I didn't have my glasses on. I couldn't wear them in the pool cause they would slow me down and I had goggles on! So, if I were to pick up swimming again, I would be even more blind.

So that's ^ why I love contacts. But there are disadvantages. Like sticking your finger in your eye a boat load of times trying to get the dang thing out. Or dropping it and not being able to find it, and thinking that it went down the drain, while it was just right in front of your face. And the fact that you make the most ridiculous faces while trying to get it out of your eye...

Yeah. But I guess I'll get used to it. Cause now I can do this!

Hah. I don't do that very often. But it's pretty fun. You should try it out.

Anyway, now I don't have those dang things in my way and can wear sunglasses! Yay for me! I'll be able to rock some Aviators, Ray Bans, whatever! (Unless it doesn't fit on my flat asian face...then there could be some problems)

Have you noticed that I like funny faces yet?

Well, anyway, I'm pretty glad that I got contacts as an early birthday present. Which is pretty early since it's in October, but who cares.

 Well there's a smiling one, if you're tired of all the weird faces.

Thanks for reading my friends!


  1. You are so beautiful Kiana!! I loved the last photo! :) Congrats on no more glasses!! YAY!!!!! That's neat you were a competitive swimmer!!! Great post!

  2. Hey i love your blog My name is kiana to haha!!
    I whould love for you to check out my blog.


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