So, Kent's my brother.

He's on a mission in California.

A mission is a time where a young man leaves at age 19 to serve for two years teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My brother has been out for almost 15 months out of the 24.

He gets to call home on Mother's Day and Christmas. We love talking to him! We get letters every week from him.

When he left, we kind of felt a void in our lives. He was at BYU, and we were about 20 minutes away when he was in college, but we still were able to talk/text him whenever we wanted. It was amazing! I wish I took that more for granted when I could, cause I miss hearing his voice or talking to him everyday. Anyway, he came home from school before he left, because by that time it was over. So we got to spend so much time with him before he had to leave, and I remember the day that he went into the MTC (missionary training center). Peter and I were pulled out of school, and we went to Olive Garden as a family, and then took pictures at the temple and dropped him off. There were many tears, as we realized that we wouldn't see him for the next two years, but it felt good to see him do what the Lord wanted him to.

So now he is halfway done!

Okay, so what this post was really about was his cardboard cutout.

You see, our cousins got a cardboard cutout of their missionary when he left, and so we decided to do it too! Since it would be about $80 to get one with his face printed on it professionally, we decided to just stick his face on Mitt Romney, and no one would know. That was only $25, so we saved lots of money.

Anyway, we now get to see him everyday whenever we are eating dinner, or making desserts, or just hanging out. It's fun to see him! I love it!

And sometimes we do weird things with him, like

handing out candy at halloween...

or wear aprons

or just be present at birthday parties.

Whatever the occasion, he's always there. It is almost as good as the real him, but not quite.

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