Guest Post: Lindsey

Hi friends!
I'm Lindsey over at Everyday Love.
I got really excited when Kiana asked me to guest post because this will be my first one ever!
And then in the middle of my excited-ness I thought, "What am I even going to write about?"
Then it hit me...pancakes!
What could be better than pancakes?
I've been experimenting with recipes lately to make them healthier and also to cut out dairy.
I am lactose intolerant and, even though I still dream about ice cream, I have given up the dreadful dairy.
I found a recipe for whole wheat pancakes recently and decided to give them a go!
The recipe was found over here, but I've altered it just a tad.
Instead of milk, I use almond milk {which adds a slightly better taste in my opinion}.
Also, I use Truvia instead of sugar.
It is a sugar substitute and since the recipe calls for 2 teaspoons of sugar, I use 3/4 tsp of Truvia.
Everything else in the recipe is the same...unless you want to add a bit more cinnamon or vanilla for flavor.
Personally, I like to put bananas and walnuts on top and if I'm feeling really crazy, I'll add some sugar free syrup.
Side Note: I've recently been losing weight {30 pounds...half way to my goal!  Woo Hoo!}
This is why I'm looking for healthy recipes that still make me happy and taste good.
I start my Master in Public Health: Nutrition in the spring, so this is all "practice" I suppose.
I really encourage you to change up your eating habits or try new recipes.
It can be life changing in the sense that you will eat better, feel better, and look better, but also, you might discover a love for a new food!
I make a big batch of these pancakes and then only make about 1 or 2 at a time.
I keep the rest refrigerated for only a few days and then have a quick breakfast or go-to snack.
I hope you try out this recipe and let me know what you think!
And stop by my blog to say hello so I can "meet" all of you lovelies too!

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