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Hello, I'm Britt from Encouragement For Everyday Struggles ( and I'm guest posting today for Kiana. Thanks Kiana for letting me guest post on your wonderful blog here!!!

I thought I would post about confidence today since I have trouble with it so very much. I hope you enjoy it....

Do you ever feel like you aren't good enough? you aren't loved by many? you don't believe in yourself? nobody understands you?  you feel abandoned, neglected or betrayed? well, usually these are signs of a lack of confidence in yourself. These are questions I have felt before in my life and are still working through right now.

I think at a point in time in all of our lives we have asked at least one of these questions and wished we were different than who God made us to be. You might have experienced a point in time where we feel neglected or betrayed by others and nobody understands you and have felt alone. But even when we feel the most alone and feel like we need someone to encourage us, we can remember that we all are so special, so amazing, and perfectly created by a God who loves us. We weren't created by accident and we aren't a mistake. God created YOU exactly and perfectly how He wants you. When you don't have the confidence in yourself- know that God is confident in you and you can remember that we can do anything with God's strength if we believe that He will!

So many times I don't have the confidence in myself that I can do something- but if I trust in God to help me do it and know that He will be with me I can do it (with His help!!) If you are feeling betrayed or alone, know that maybe God has a reason that you don't have many around you right now that you can lean on so that you can lean on Him and trust on Him more than if there were many friends around you helping you through. God is our best friend who likes to help us and be with us through our struggles- we just have to go to Him because He is our best friend  and cares more for us than anyone!!

I hope some of what I wrote can apply to how you might be feeling! I hope that you will know how much God truly loves you and He didn't ever make a mistake by creating you. He placed the right talents, outer appearance, personality, characteristic traits and so much more to make the perfect YOU!!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Kiana!! I really enjoyed doing this! :) you are such a great friend and a wonderful girl!!!!!


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