Band Camp!

So this past week I had lots of guest posters. The reason for that is because of band camp!

It is a week where we drive down to Delta (or the middle of nowhere) and sweat our hearts out learning our marching band show. It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive down there, and we left around 7ish on Monday morning. We arrived at the IPP power plant and set up our sleeping areas. The girls slept in the gym (that leaks, we learned) and the boys in the kitchen/cafeteria area. Then we met on the field that is dry, and brown, and super bumpy, and started marching. We were marching for two hours, and then we ate, and got back to practicing.

The highlights?
1. Fruit breaks.
Between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner, we had fruit breaks. It included some gatorade, and fruit! We got five minutes to enjoy it, and then we were back to practicing. It was always at the best time, cause when we got it I was just getting a bit hungry. Perfect.

2. Night rehearsals.
Right after dinner, when it gets dark and slightly cool, is the perfect time to practice. It's not hot, it's not too chilly, and you've eaten breakfast. I found that I focused more, and could actually enjoy the practice.

Our trumpet section is obviously the best. We are pretty close, and when we get together we can be kind of crazy. We talked a lot when we were supposed to be focusing, and we had to do lots of push ups.

This is me and my brother. Practicing our butts off.

This is us marching around the field, playing our show music. It was a new thing that we did, where we were just marching straight, instead of on the field, with the music. it was really interesting.

It was a long four days, but afterwards it seemed like it went by so fast. We almost learned our whole show, but it's not finished being written yet.

I am so excited for this upcoming season!

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