I Love. Day One

I love.
This weekend I will be posting about what I love.
Me, myself and I.

Today is music!


Now who doesn't like music?
I could listen to it all day. No kidding.

Here are just a snippit of who I love (a lot)

1. Kelly Clarkson.
She was kind of my idol when I was little. I love her voice and her first albums, though her new songs are pretty great! She is coming in concert, so cross your fingers that I can go!
Fav song? Since You've Been Gone

2. Daughtry.
North Carolina girl at heart, so how could I not put him on this list? He has such a great voice, and amazing songs.
Fav song? September

3. Maroon 5.
They have some great songs, but the other ones are trash. Kind of vulgar.
Fav song?  She Will Be Loved

4. Adele.
She is amazing. I love her voice! It is graveley and beautiful at the same time. She's the only one that can pull that off :)
Fav song? Set Fire to the Rain

5. Creed.
They've broken up (I think) but they have great songs!
Fav song? Don't Stop Dancing

6. Megan & Liz.
They are all over youtube. Their songs are so great! I love their originals and their covers.
Fav song? How to Love cover

7. Avril Lavigne.
She has some great old songs! I haven't heard anything new from her, but I love the old ones. They are so great.
Fav song? When You're Gone

8. Bon Jovi.
I can't believe that I haven't listed him yet! I saw him in concert and he is great. More like an awesome guy from the 80's! I love him and I wasn't even born then.
Fav song? Livin' on a Prayer

9. Rush.
They have a crazy awesome drummer. That is awesome cause I love playing drums! And their songs are pretty cool!
Fav song? The Trees/Tom Sawyer

10. Alicia Keys
I was also kind of obsessed with her a while ago.  But now it's coming back! I love her airy voice, and soulful songs.
Fav song? Wreckless Love

I could go on. Believe me!
But I won't. For the sake of your sanity.

I just barely scratched the surface of all the artists I listen to, but it's a good start.

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  1. I listen to more indie rock music, so I haven't heard enough of these artists to say if I like them or not, but I do think Adele has the most gorgeous voice! And my mister is a drummer, and we LOVE RUSH! We saw them in concert last year and the drummer was really really cool, unfortunately the singer was a little disappointing live :(
    xo Heather


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