Cookie Fast

   With the Rose Parade, I kind of missed the new year and the goals that come with it. I have been wondering what goals I would like to set for myself! Here is my list:

      Keep a clean room for a week. You might think that that is nothing, but you know...You have to start somewhere!

      Watch less than an hour of TV a day. This is hard for me. Lately my eyes have been glued to the screen causing me to waste SO much time. Maybe I should keep it off for a month! I'll save that for next year. :)

      Don't eat cookies for a month. I now! Sounds crazy, right? Especially because I make (and eat) cookies all the time. It will be tough, but I'll pull through. This is a HUGE challenge for me! I will be blogging my 'Cookie Fast Diary' describing my day and how this goal is going!

      Last, and definitely not least, is to blog on a regular basis. There is a joy that comes from blogging and seeing other peoples blogs! I want to join this world of crafts, cookies, and cool stuff!

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