Cookie Fast Diary Entry #1

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Dear Diary,
   Today was relatively easy. No temptations before school, or during it. A pretty slow day.
   But when I got home, I remembered that I needed to make a treat for mutual. I absolutely hate making out-of-the-box brownies because they are: 1. Too easy. 2. Boring. 3. Over-made. So I had to make something else. I found a recipe on Bake at 350 for a Vanilla Almond Cookie that you could cut shapes with! (The recipe's coming soon) I tried it out and it was so fun! I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter that I got in Disneyland. I love it!
    I pulled the cookies out of the oven, and started frosting them. I even let them cool. The ears kept falling off though! The ears are so small and innocent, and good looking. But I just frosted them while taking deep breaths. I have to keep to my goal.
   I took them to mutual and everyone liked them. That's a plug. A minus is that I didn't get to try it. Oh well

Today: A success! Even though it was hard!

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