Chores, From the Eyes of a 14 Year Old

   It's typical. Every kid has chores. There is always a resulting hatred for (fill in the blank here). The chore that I dread (and love) is the dishes.
   I love baking. It's one of my favorite things to do. But when you use multiple dishes and they're piling up in the sink, you have a sick dread for when you are done baking. Don't get me wrong - dishes can actually be fun! Picture this: Juke Box Hero by Foreigner playing as loud as possible, no one is home, you're dancing like a fool, and singing like one too. Then it's fun.
   When your parents are home, don't like loud music, and don't like the particular song choice, then you have a problem. But hey! The iPod comes to the rescue. Just put your headphones in, and you can rock out on your own. But tone down the singing and dancing. It would just look and sound weird if you were the only one with the song...
   The way dishes run in my house is: you do all of them. No buts, whats or whinings (but I've filled that need plenty a time). At least I don't have to sweep and take out the trash. I hate finding the things on the ground and having to sweep it. It's the worst job! (Other than cleaning the bathrooms, but we won't talk about that...)
   When you finish the all the dishes, the sink and counter are clean, and the kitchen looks marvelous, there's a sense of pride that runs through my veins. I just did all that and now the kitchen looks great!
   But when you don't finish, you leave dishes dirty, counters cluttered, and the kitchen a mess, you don't feel good at all. You know that you have to finish them sometime, so get them done first and fast!
   To me, dishes can be fun and you can pride yourself on how they look afterward. I love telling my family to look in the sink cause it's empty and clean.

That's when I'm the happiest: When I finished a job and finished it right

Until tomorrow.
The cycle continues.

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