Marilyn Monroe!

What an icon.

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Chocolate Chunk Muffins!


Okay guys. I am kind of a fanatic.
I love quotes.
I love the handouts from church.
I love my life.

Here are some amazing quotes <3

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I Can Do Anything!

I saw this on Facebook today. It brings back memories of past girl's camps and how they were so fun. We were in our lunch room and watching this during a lesson.
It's amazing! This little girls loves her life.
So why don't we?

Audrey Hepburn Love!

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"Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but, it doesn't help if you're ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the make-up."
- Audrey Hepburn


I was looking on Yahoo because, well, that is my email site. I found these cute Stormtrooper pictures that show a different side about these Star Wars characters. You have to check it out!


Favorite Cookies

Okay guys. Who doesn't like cookies? I mean really. You have to have one that you like.
I love cookies. Probably more than anyone else in the world! Or at least making them. :)
Here are my top three favorite cookie recipes that I've made.

1. Snickerdoodles
This is the only recipe that I have tried that works for me. My other snickerdoodles that I made were horrible! This recipe lets them stay soft and delicious!

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars
These are super easy, because you don't have to form them into the cookie balls. Just stick them in a 9x13 pan and put it in the oven!

3. Peanut Butter Cookies
Okay. Who doesn't like these! These have to be one of my favorites. And the fact that you have the criss-cross pattern on the top makes it so fun to make. My favorite part is using the fork to put the pattern on the cookie before sticking it in the oven. :)

Cookie Fast Diary Entry #3

Dear Diary,

   Today was easy. No real temptations!

Cookie Fast Diary Entry #2

Dear Diary,

   Today was pretty easy. Except for the fact that the cookies I made the day before were still in my house.

   It was close. I went to Yogurt Bliss with my friend from This and That Cake Shop. You choose what kinds of frozen you want to use. Then you add toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, and yes, cookies. I took a cookie! I payed for that cookie! But thankfully, before I ate it, I remembered my Cookie Fast!

Today: Close, but I pulled through!

Cookie Fast Diary Entry #1

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Dear Diary,
   Today was relatively easy. No temptations before school, or during it. A pretty slow day.
   But when I got home, I remembered that I needed to make a treat for mutual. I absolutely hate making out-of-the-box brownies because they are: 1. Too easy. 2. Boring. 3. Over-made. So I had to make something else. I found a recipe on Bake at 350 for a Vanilla Almond Cookie that you could cut shapes with! (The recipe's coming soon) I tried it out and it was so fun! I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter that I got in Disneyland. I love it!
    I pulled the cookies out of the oven, and started frosting them. I even let them cool. The ears kept falling off though! The ears are so small and innocent, and good looking. But I just frosted them while taking deep breaths. I have to keep to my goal.
   I took them to mutual and everyone liked them. That's a plug. A minus is that I didn't get to try it. Oh well

Today: A success! Even though it was hard!

Cookie Fast

   With the Rose Parade, I kind of missed the new year and the goals that come with it. I have been wondering what goals I would like to set for myself! Here is my list:

      Keep a clean room for a week. You might think that that is nothing, but you know...You have to start somewhere!

      Watch less than an hour of TV a day. This is hard for me. Lately my eyes have been glued to the screen causing me to waste SO much time. Maybe I should keep it off for a month! I'll save that for next year. :)

      Don't eat cookies for a month. I now! Sounds crazy, right? Especially because I make (and eat) cookies all the time. It will be tough, but I'll pull through. This is a HUGE challenge for me! I will be blogging my 'Cookie Fast Diary' describing my day and how this goal is going!

      Last, and definitely not least, is to blog on a regular basis. There is a joy that comes from blogging and seeing other peoples blogs! I want to join this world of crafts, cookies, and cool stuff!

Mango Orange Smoothie

We have a tradition of making green smoothies every day. My dad makes them every single day before school. Here's Sundays!
The green part of it is spinach. But you put so much fruit in it that you don't taste it!

Chores, From the Eyes of a 14 Year Old

   It's typical. Every kid has chores. There is always a resulting hatred for (fill in the blank here). The chore that I dread (and love) is the dishes.
   I love baking. It's one of my favorite things to do. But when you use multiple dishes and they're piling up in the sink, you have a sick dread for when you are done baking. Don't get me wrong - dishes can actually be fun! Picture this: Juke Box Hero by Foreigner playing as loud as possible, no one is home, you're dancing like a fool, and singing like one too. Then it's fun.
   When your parents are home, don't like loud music, and don't like the particular song choice, then you have a problem. But hey! The iPod comes to the rescue. Just put your headphones in, and you can rock out on your own. But tone down the singing and dancing. It would just look and sound weird if you were the only one with the song...
   The way dishes run in my house is: you do all of them. No buts, whats or whinings (but I've filled that need plenty a time). At least I don't have to sweep and take out the trash. I hate finding the things on the ground and having to sweep it. It's the worst job! (Other than cleaning the bathrooms, but we won't talk about that...)
   When you finish the all the dishes, the sink and counter are clean, and the kitchen looks marvelous, there's a sense of pride that runs through my veins. I just did all that and now the kitchen looks great!
   But when you don't finish, you leave dishes dirty, counters cluttered, and the kitchen a mess, you don't feel good at all. You know that you have to finish them sometime, so get them done first and fast!
   To me, dishes can be fun and you can pride yourself on how they look afterward. I love telling my family to look in the sink cause it's empty and clean.

That's when I'm the happiest: When I finished a job and finished it right

Until tomorrow.
The cycle continues.

QR Code!

Well here's the thing. I really like new and fun gadgets. I found a website called QR Code that lets you generate a QR code for your website. It is so cool!


Here's mine. If you go on that website, you can take the HTML code and put it in a blog post. Pretty cool, huh?

Iambic Pentameter

So in school, we are learning about Shakespeare. It is fun to learn about a man who wrote so many popular plays and sonnets! I am now realizing how hard his job must have been to create all of his works using the Iambic Pentameter. It is one of the hardest things that I have had to do in a long while!

The Iambic Pentameter uses 10 syllables per line, with different accents with the words. The pattern goes as: weak, strong, weak, strong, weak, strong, weak, strong, weak, strong. You have to use different words and different wording than what you usually would do with a natural free verse poem if you wanted to use the Iambic Pentameter.

I had to create a sonnet (or a poem using the A B A B C D C D E F E F G G  pattern) for some homework, so here is my stab at the Iambic Pentameter.