Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies!

New recipe! It's been so long, so here it goes!!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

You will need:
Sugar cookies
Candy Corn
White Frosting (in a piping bag)
Chocolate Frosting (in a piping bag)
Chocolate Chips (I used mint)

1. Bake some normal sugar cookies. Let them cool.

2. Draw a line with the frosting around 1/3 to half of the cookie. Put the candy corn on it.
3. Add the eyes and pipe the face and toes
4. Enjoy! Eat with pleasure :)
A fun way to get rid of left over candy corn!

New Favorite Blog. YES!

Well apparently I have a lot of new favorites! This one is Color Me Katie.

It is such a fun blog! I love the pictures and fun ideas. I want to do so many!

Go check it out.

I dare you.

My New Favorite Artists.

Well, life is good. We were marching for three miles on Wednesday to get ready for the Rose Parade. It is like seven miles long! Yeah. Dang. But, I can do it.

Anyway. My new favorite artists! Their names are Megan and Liz. Here's a link to their youtube channel.

I love their songs and their videos. I think my favorite song is their cover of How To Love. It is so great. Anyway. Check it out! It rocks.

I'm Alive!

Don't worry! I am alive and doing well :)
I just took a break during marching band season from the blog because it was a bit much with school and marching band. But now, I'm back on track! Where did we leave off?

I hope to get this show back on the road so we can have some fun and learn some new things! Now who's with me?