Boating. Best. Pastime. Ever.

The past week I've been boating twice. I realized that I have been missing a big chunk of normal summer lovin'! You know how you start slow and get cocky? Well, that pretty much explains me. :) Anyway, we were cruisin' and eventually flew off! Me 'n' Megan were about 10 up above the tube. Upside down. I landed head-first on the tube, and Megan landed flat on her back. Yep, no real injuries, but a little shaken up! It was exhilarating, but I guess they were really scared that we were actually going to get hurt if they went that crazy again...Too bad.

It's kind of crazy knowing that summer's coming to an end. Looking back on the two months that I've had off it seems that I haven't done much, but I have! Marching band, for one, doesn't take up much time, but it feels like I have such a commitment to it. I've gone to the pool, the lake, and spent time with friends.
What more do you need?

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