Life is BORING When You're Sick

The title says it all. Life is hard, boring, pretty much worthless, and lame when you're sick. That is how I felt for the past 2 days. It all started with an exciting boating trip with one of my friends for her birthday. We were on tubes that held 4 people and we were plain crazy. (I flipped off twice and we tipped the tube once) Anyway, during the whole 7 hours of boating and having fun, I didn't drink ANY water. Yep, silly 'ole me. No water. I wasn't thirsty, was my excuse, but the story is just beginning.

We visited the This is the Place monument in SLC and I was exhausted from boating the day before. I had an upset stomach too. It turns out that I was suffering from heat exhaustion. It is where you don't stay hydrated when you are in the sun for long periods of time. I eventually threw up in one of the bathrooms at the park. We came home, and I was on the couch for two days watching T.V. Boring, I know.

Well, I hope to make something as soon as I am back to normal. :)

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