Sacred Sunday: Personal Progress

Well hello again my friends! I took a mental break because I AM OUT OF SCHOOL! Friday was the last day, and well, yesterday was busy out in the sun (if anyone was wondering, I was in the sun for 8 hours practicing how to march..:).. ) and playing around. Anyway, I am back on track and ready to roll!

So to start the REAL beginning of the schedule off, I want to write about something that I am very determined to finish. You probably guessed it...Personal Progress!!!

The personal progress program is a part of the Young Women's branch of the LDS church. It is for girls 12-18 years old. (Leaders can participate too...Anyway, it is a book that helps young women develop qualities such as faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works, integrity, and virtue. If a young women completes this achievement, she gets a medallion that has a temple on it!

I have been working on finishing my personal progress for about a year and a half now. It is really fun to be able to check off a project or requirement!

So how is this relevant to Sacred Sunday?

Today I just passed off my Knowledge project (the 10 hour project that is required in order to receive your medallion) and I feel really good! I have been working on Virtue (reading the Book of Mormon) since a couple of weeks ago. It is really coming along. I have decided to read a set amount of pages a day to finish it in time for my birthday.

The personal progress program helps girls to remember to keep their faith, divine nature, and all the other good qualities that the values are.

Well that is my Sacred Sunday spiel. I hope you stay motivated to keep doing it!

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