Mormon Missionary Monday: The Mystery Package

So, how is it going? Late last week we received a package from my brother, who is in the MTC. It looked like a short wrapping paper roll that had plugs on the ends so I was curious about what it was!

I opened it (the first thing from him that I opened) and inside were......
                                                                                                                big gospel doctrine pictures!

To say the least we were a bit puzzled. Such thoughts were going through our minds:
"Why did he send us this?"
"Where did these come from?"
"Did we just get the ones he didn't want?"
And so forth. So my older brother and I divided up the pictures. I chose one, he chose one and so forth.

We eventually got them framed and I am waiting to put them up above my bookcase. I am so excited!

My brother just left for the mission field (San Fernando, Cali) on Wednesday. I hope he is having fun.


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