Treat Tuesday: 96 Cupcakes and Counting

Okay, you know the TV show 18 kids and counting. I thought it would be a fun title for my ALL OUT BAKE OFF. Yes! I love it

So in my Computers in Business class, we had to make our own pretend 'business' and so me and my partner decided to convert the self-serve frozen yogurt idea to cupcakes. We were thinking it wasn't so bad; the customer chose the cupcake, amount of frosting, and sprinkle selection. We made charts, papers, business plans, commercials: all out the wazzo (from Over the Hedge). It was amazin'. The teacher loved our idea and our work. So we had a trade show last week where we show off what our business does and try to get people to invest or buy your product. Well, lets just say I took customer satisfaction to a new level.

The night fun included {4} boxes of different cake mix {chocolate, french vanilla, funfetti, and red velvet), over {90} baking cups, and who-knows how much frosting. It was so much fun.

I started right after I got home from school. I mixed the Funfetti (The cake mix with random bursts of color in it) first and popped it in the oven. I was thinking, this isn't too bad. I just have to do that three more times. I ended up mixing all of the cake mix while the other cupcakes were in the oven and being bored.

{2} Hours Later

I grabbed the last batch of cupcakes out of the oven. Mmmm, French Vanilla. I let them all cool on 4 or 5 cooling racks and waited. Again.

{30} Minutes Later

Yes! Time to decorate. I grabbed the piping bag, some tips and was ready to go. The frosting wouldn't fit through the the smallest tip, or the next biggest, but the biggest tip we had finally had some frosting come through. Unbelievable. I at least got them all frosted!

The final product!
I know, this wasn't really a recipe, but it gives inspiration. It is so much fun to make so many cupcakes!

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