seeeenyaaa praaahhhmmmm

We were having a mean girls spring fling moment, okay?

And my shirt moved back and forth and changed from black to white, so that's cool!

Prom was off the hook!! Our day date was Friday night and we went night bowling! We played two games and then all of a sudden, fog machines started filling the ally and the lights turned black and the music turned up. We stayed and played another round and boy am I glad that we did! (even if I do suck at bowling)

The next day, the majority of our prom group was involved in the state solo/ensemble festival that was happening at Orem high. We all performed our solos and then got ready for the dance.

All the fellas picked us ladies up and we took photos at City Hall. We then ate dinner at one of the guy's houses and it was amazing. YUM.
By the time we were done eating and talking, it was 8:30 and we headed up to the dance!
The dance was insane. The capitol building is absolutely stunning. I loved how the lights were kept on during the dance because we could see everyone dancing. AH it was so great. I loved prom!

getting my golf game back

I had my first varsity tournament of the year on Monday. I've had Phantom of the Opera rehearsals and performances for the first part of our golf season, and so it was amazing to be able to play 18 holes in a tournament setting again. (more of phantom of the opera in a later post)
My cute dad was able to watch the last half of the tournament and followed me around in a golf cart and took pictures of my swing. I played kind of lousy for the first nine, but I was getting the hang of it again toward the end and parred the last hole. I think the rest of the season will be great!

On Tuesday, it was extremely windy outside. If you live in Utah, you know what I'm talking about! But, I went to the course because I was thinking we had practice. Right when I got there I got a text saying that practice was cancelled. I kind of disregarded that and went and played nine holes instead! I was being pushed back and forth by the wind. Carrying my clubs on my back made it even worse, but it was so fun! I was on track to get an even better score than I did at the tournament, even with the wind. I was on the ninth hole, with the wind behind me and drove the ball SO FAR. It just kept rolling and rolling because of the wind! A man in a golf cart then pulled up next to me and said that I had to get off the course because they were closing! I hopped on his cart, picked up my ball, and saw that three trees had blown over. Holy cow the winds were so strong! When I had first got to the course, there was a barbecue out by the club house, and when I passed by it later, it was tipped over and stuck in the bushes.
Wind is absolutely crazy!!

snow made me do it

 It snowed yesterday.
After it being 75 degrees on Monday, there was snow on the ground.
At least I love snow, right?
 Living in North Carolina for most of my life, snow meant two hour delays or cancelling school flat out. Some of my best memories have been made in the snow. I can fondly remember waking up multiple times and going into the bathroom to find a note taped on the mirror saying that there was no school for the day. My love for snow started when I was really small, and it grows each time the little white flakes fall from the sky. I made countless numbers of snowmen, and sledded on mere inches of snow because I was so excited.
Snow is a pretty sight to see. Snow is magical. Snow is beautiful.
All the imperfections of the land become draped in a sparkling white blanket that makes the harsh tips of the mountains seem a little less rigid.
Snow means hot cocoa and fires.
Snow means blankets and movies inside.
Everything changes when it snows.

And to quote Lorelai Gilmore,
"It's just my favorite time of the year. The whole world changes color.  Flakes, flurries, swirls, crystals, whatever form it comes in. I'll take it. We go back, snow and me. We have a beautiful history. Sleigh rides, ice skating, snowball fights. I'll even take curling. Gosh, I love curling! Hot cocoa, hot toddies. Best time of the year! Welcome, friend."

And even though it's the middle of the spring and there are flurries of snow outside, I embrace it.

Welcome, friend.

ends and beginnings

 to see more shots from Shelby's shoot, check this link out

It seems like there a lot of 'end's coming up in my life.
.the end of spring break
.the end of AP testing
.the end of golf season
.the end of high school band
.the end of high school dances
.the end of my high school career

Thinking about it all gets kind of overwhelming for me. I try to not think about the end result, but the journey that is shaping me into who I am.

And then, I think of the beginnings.
.the beginning of my last summer with all my high school friends
.the beginning of new jobs
.the beginning of living away from home
.the beginning of a college career
.the beginning of being self sustaining 
.the beginning of finding myself in the world

And then I think that all the new beginnings far outweigh the sadness of the ends. 

And that makes me really excited.

a little rain never hurt nobody

 shoes: Kohls // skirt: thrifted & tailored // shirt: thrifted // necklace: Amazon
// bracelet: Lilly Pulitzer (only available in New York store)

Okay WOW this whole fashion blogging thing is a whole new beast. I never envisioned my brother taking photos of me and my outfits, but here we are! Also, the fact that I know how to pose other people and don't know how to pose myself for photographs never occurred to me. Hopefully I get better at this as I go along!

Anyway, I just bought these shoes on Saturday! (And they are the reason I missed the first part of General Conference....Sorry mom) They are under $50 in store and SO cute. I love chunky heels, especially if they are sandals as well! I have worn them all week because I'm so jazzed about buying them.
This skirt I found in Savers about a year ago. It was eight sizes too big and went down to my ankles, but I loved the print so much that I had to have it. My grandma, being the expert seamstress that she is, chopped it for me and cinched it at the waist so it fits me perfectly! I adore this skirt now!
I received this skirt from my sister in law after she got home from her mission. It is the only blue-green shirt I own and it's such a fun texture. The sleeves also are especially unique. Not to mention, it matches my skirt perfectly!
I am obsessed with pearls, so sometimes when I'm in class I look on amazon and screenshot things to my brother so he can buy them for me. I pay him back of course, but I can't be seen shopping while in class! This necklace was under $5 and I wear it all the time. Holy cow, it's a mixture of two of my favorite things: pink and pearls!
While I was in New York, I made sure that I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store on Madison Avenue. Going inside was a dream come true! Shopping there makes me feel like I still have a little bit of southern in me, and so I HAD to go. I bought a shirt while we were there, and unbeknownst to me, my parents bought me this super cute bracelet! You can only buy it in the New York store because it says Lilly Loves NYC. They gave it to me for Christmas and I was totally surprised! I love it so much!
PS this hair style is super easy! It's just like a simple halo braid, where you pretty much dutch braid all along your hairline, but only using half of your hair! I started by sectioning off the bottom portion of my hair and putting it in a hair tie, and then proceeding to do the halo braid like usual. I don't know if I've ever gotten so many compliments on a hairstyle while shopping!